Dick and I have made some big changes for the year to come!! We are downsizing to free us up to do the things we have always wanted to do ..... that is.... free to travel, spend more time together, follow His lead for new adventures, no more retail store after 27 years, more time with kids, but still MORE ART and probably some sewing classes for girls ..... that is a dream right now ..... but the ART won't stop, it will be here on the blog as soon as we finish remodeling our NEW/OLD smaller home about 20 miles away. SO STAY TUNED ... we'll be having a big sale and beautiful house and property SALE in the SUMMER!! MORE FREEDOM ON IT'S WAY!!! WooHoo!!! And THANKS for all your support the last twenty seven years in my shop!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


There is TOO MUCH to share that was wonderful and exhausting during the Antiques Fair! So I am posting the new blooms in my yard......Monday night after all had calmed down with thousands of people, I went to bed but couldn't sleep..... I finally woke up and began to cry...and cry....like a child... whimpering and all.....not because I was sad, but because I was PURELY EXHAUSTED! So Tuesday morning I got my usual cup of coffee, my three dipping hard cookies (I know, bad!!!) and my Bible and sat in my comfy porch rocker and just sat and sipped on my hot coffee. It was one of the most beautiful mornings, crisp, clear blue, blue sky, completely still, birds chirping, flying and landing all around me where the feed was, my flowers all beginning to bloom, the fragrance of my roses near by, and the sun warming everything to encourage it's growth for spring which has arrived. It was incredible beauty and I felt so "bathed" in His love and His Glory! Like He was saying...."It's okay, just rest....see what I have created for you..." I just kept saying to myself...."I LOVE YOUR "WOW" FACTOR....I Love Your "WOW" Factor...." I felt so thankful and grateful in spite of my tiredness! I looked for the word "bathed" in scripture and it took me to John 13:1-18....where Jesus is going to wash the feet of His disciples...... will we let down our hair, suck up our pride, and allow Him to wash our feet, maybe our stinky feet.... ? ....will we let Him "BATHE" us in His Love for us and "BATHE" us in His Glory...? No matter what circumstances we are in or how frustrating life might be ....can we REST in His love and let Him wash our feet? And then can we wash the feet of others...? It is a beautiful example Christ gave us to learn of His Love....Happy Easter....which is Resurrection Day!! Thanks to all of you who participated in our lives these last few weeks and thanks to you who affirmed me by loving my art! I have bare walls.... Blessings to you all.... I made some special new friends too!!