Dick and I have made some big changes for the year to come!! We are downsizing to free us up to do the things we have always wanted to do ..... that is.... free to travel, spend more time together, follow His lead for new adventures, no more retail store after 27 years, more time with kids, but still MORE ART and probably some sewing classes for girls ..... that is a dream right now ..... but the ART won't stop, it will be here on the blog as soon as we finish remodeling our NEW/OLD smaller home about 20 miles away. SO STAY TUNED ... we'll be having a big sale and beautiful house and property SALE in the SUMMER!! MORE FREEDOM ON IT'S WAY!!! WooHoo!!! And THANKS for all your support the last twenty seven years in my shop!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


A busy week up until tonite....or should I say this morning!....since it is 4AM!! BUT...after watching a video from our GUT ART CLASS on tracing paper....I had to go up to the studio to play! It has been too many days since I last got my hands on some art supplies. This was just a drawing I had that I didn't like but used it to experiment with stamped tissue paper (I didn't have any tracing paper like the video suggested. It was nothing new, but just the right ingredients to play a little. I used Derwent aquarelle pencils, then applied stamped tissue paper with gel medium, then dried it, then played with the color using Caran D Ache water crayons. Just simple , but simply fun and wonderful feeling to play with color freely creating. Also I had two new visitors come to my house for a vacation!! They are cousins....Stanley and Stanley! ....yes, they have the same name! ....Even their first name which is FLAT!!....yes, FLAT STANLEY...'s are here for only a week! They can't get over all the interesting junk and old stuff I have in this house!! One of them climbed up on our old Ohio Buck deer head for a picture, then the cousin Flat Stanley got all excited that I had a toy antique house that he almost fit in!! THEN, Stanley discovered an antique doll chair that he fit perfectly in!! These guys kept me pretty busy taking all those photos!! I told them I had to work a little, so they sat by me while I sewed Montsey's curtain for her room and the other Stanley just had to pose in front of my art! He thinks I'm famous....I get a giggle out of that. I actually like having them around, does my ego....uh, I mean my HEART good! Tomorrow they are going to the garden with Mr Peck and I to check on the newly planted vegetables....they will get to ride the golf cart, my garden vehicle....Flat Stanley thinks he will get to drive....we'll see. Then they can give the miniature donkey and little cow an apple to eat. No, they won't ride the donkey, as he is not trained for Flat Stanleys. I'm glad they came together to entertain one another .... they are cousins you know! Dick promised them a ride in the 1946 Piper Cub too....it will be a long afternoon I think.... Blessings to you all....and thanks to those fourth grade girls, Montsey and Angela, (they are cousins too!) for sending me their Flat Stanley to visit us!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


We are busy cleaning the new room of the shop, here at GREENPECK'S for a new look and new goodies!!! I can't wait to have "MY ART" mixed in with this new product!! The "patriotic line"will be here the middle of May...so we have to get to painting!!! I'm putting these photos on with permission, so just remember the designs are copyrighted....but of course a flag is a flag!! I was in luck that we have all the shabby windows, doors, shudders, buckets, tables, old screens and old painted shutters and ladders to decorate with already!!! THANK GOODNESS the "rat" didn't force the "pack" to throw that stuff away!!! We are "packrats" to the inth-? degree!!! So thankful I have persisted in keeping all that expensive display...HA!! We have truly been praying about what to do in this time of our lives....the shop, my art, us going on dates, not worrying so much anymore about the future and trying to live one day at a time and really enjoy life and one another...you know, like the Pioneer Woman and her "Marlboro" man?!! We already have great people in our lives so that didn't need prayer, but I'm sure the Lord will send more! Dick said, "We really should keep busy doing what we love to not get old mentally!" Of course, I don't think we are old, just our grandchildren do....but what do they know?! Old people must really be cool because those "grandkids" always want to be over HERE!! God's special blessings to you all.....sherry

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Welcome to the shop!...at GREENPECK'S....some of the new items coming this week! Where your garden can bloom and grow....can't wait to get this on one of my tables!!...with real flowers in the little tubes... OH!...I'll have geraniums ALL year!! Email me for prices...or just come see!! MY BIRDS WILL LOVE THIS....I think I ordered four of these!! Wouldn't these be cute on a little girls wall, or your porch!? Napkin rings....I think I will put a place setting with my antique dishes and these! SO TRUE!!....and you can't believe how pretty the wildflowers are right now...we have pink primroses and purple wild verbena all over the back field....come to the shop and walk to the garden with me!! We'll pick a bouquet!!...I have free jars and water! I love this cross....and my daisies by the shop will be blooming soon! IS this sweet or what!? And I ordered lots of tulips to sit in the windows of the shop...the shop will look different....and I'm ready for a different look to go along with the art from the "artists" in there....Patty, Adam,Tito, Pilar, Peyton and me (greenpeck)....and more! I'll be open Thursday thru Sat ...10 to 6...or just knock on the door and we'll mosey over to the shop if it is a Monday or Tuesday! We have been VERY busy planting our garden and taking advantage of our beautiful SPRING weather! Our backs are sore but our hearts are happy! And the birds are busy with their nests too!! There is just nothing I like more than having my hands in the dirt....except for maybe having them in paint or using my art supplies! Where we live is a "special place".....a special place that has had a "special connection for sooo many people!! Like Jeff and Debbie" ......where it all started with a (metal) heart....now called "The Round Top Collection". An inventory to tempt you every season with beautiful and colorful items to decorate your home. Dick and I are pleased to announce that we will carry "The Round Top Collection" here right in Round Top at our shop...GREENPECKS. We will add it to our WEBSITE soon....email me for anything you have a question about. We are getting the first tempting items this week that are for Spring and Summer ..... shown above. Then the BIG 4th of July will be right around the corner with all of those items coming in MAY. We are also going to enlarge the shop space and get a new sign or TWO! We are both excited about it and are having fun planning for new ART as well and maybe a few other little surprises! I have still been doing the GUT ART CLASSES, although barely getting any painting done for working in the garden.....but I LOVE Mystele's GUT ART classes....and am working on more art for the shop! I've made some art paper journals (with original art on the covers) for those who like to journal and paint a little. There will be some rearranging going on in the shop too!! THEN wait til you see what will be here for the 4th of July!!....a sort of duplicate of the Round Top Fire Truck to hang on your wall or office or boy's room!! ....the shop will be open on the 4th this year...with our old original "Round Top FIRE TRUCK" parked in front! Well, have a blessed week.....I just wanted to catch you up on the "goings on" at the place here on our three acres...it is wonderful to have the store on the same property with the B&B and the garden!!....that way the grandkids are with you and helping too!!....and I've planted all my zinnia seeds....get ready for lots of blooming around here!!...the roses are already in full bloom.....so beautiful!! BLESSINGS!! GOD IS GOOD!...always has been!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Everyone is packing up on the last day of the famous Round Top/Warrenton Antique and Marburger Shows....and it is quiet in our small town again...a little sad and lonely feeling as we sit on the front porch watching all the trailers going by with all their show stuff....and we are hoping they had a good show....and have a safe trip home. We had fabulous visitors, especially Kelly and Mandy, love you!...and we also had fabulous weather!! One of our new guests who is in an Antique Mall in Denton, Texas, Barbara, gave me a nice little surprise...the OLD print with "TEACH ME THY WAY OH LORD"...it is perfect colors and everything for my house! Thanks girls!! It should have been a present for Dick since he cooked the "scones" every morning!! I meant to get pictures of our B&B guests with their "goodies"...and in the fun I forgot, so I will post some little things I got on a quick run and some OLD FEED SACKS I have had tucked away for a long time....to some day do something special with. They are from some local Feed Companies near here and date from 1926 through 1950's. I think a couple of the big graphic ones would look awesome framed!! The cute little rabbit has a special message....standing in front of my bargain pillow cover from "Gatherings" in Georgetown....a PRECIOUS gal and shop!!! I did get some display goodies from her for the GALLERY....she almost sold out of her whole booth!!! The Zinnia wool pin I bought from Nina Miller...?(also a great artist!)....I think was her name at the FOLK ART BARN in Round Top....as well as the FLOWER PRESS made by the people from Colorado on the card above....these are dried flowers on the top of the press....something I plan to do with the grandchildren...from our garden blooms. They had gorgeous pieces framed with nothing but dried flowers...scenes and collages....just amazing things!! He said the trick is the special paper that makes the flowers dry faster leaving more color in them. Then today while it was slow I began to work on a cover for the GUT ART CLASS I'm taking....I had no plan, but we are to incorporate, sewing, paint, words...whatever comes....and this is what I ended up with....it is so personal that I put a frame on it and my favorite Bible story/scripture around it....on a brown bag background....the red is thick reddish yarn I zigzaged with loose threads, a painted collage paper and words I found to cut out....thus the red written part to complete what the brown words say....and really in my heart a celebration of what tomorrow represents for all of humanity for an eternity....He came to save the lost....enough said....have a glorious in heart day tomorrow ...and everyday too! BLESSINGS!!....and thanks to all the people who came to our little spot in Round Top!!....OH!! I wanted to thank Jinx and Nathan for coming!! We sure liked Nathan Jinx....he was a sweetheart....you tell those lazy girls they better be back next year or I'll give their spot to Nathan....teehee....missed you all! Jinx and Nathan have an Antique shop in Glen Rose....going West out of Glen Rose....can't wait to get there some day!!....AND if you ever need any silver replacement this is the place to get it....Antique Cupboard.com ....in Wisconsin....they have it all!! they stayed with us too....a long drive from Wisconsin!!