Dick and I have made some big changes for the year to come!! We are downsizing to free us up to do the things we have always wanted to do ..... that is.... free to travel, spend more time together, follow His lead for new adventures, no more retail store after 27 years, more time with kids, but still MORE ART and probably some sewing classes for girls ..... that is a dream right now ..... but the ART won't stop, it will be here on the blog as soon as we finish remodeling our NEW/OLD smaller home about 20 miles away. SO STAY TUNED ... we'll be having a big sale and beautiful house and property SALE in the SUMMER!! MORE FREEDOM ON IT'S WAY!!! WooHoo!!! And THANKS for all your support the last twenty seven years in my shop!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

THIRST...for God

"THIRST" is the last in this series of Be Attitudes until I finish the next set. These have been so pleasant to do...."Like conversations with God." I keep thinking, WHAT is so special about them or doing them?! It is the relaxing flow of play with shapes, color, words ...like making mud pies when I was little....and the whole time I'm having those quiet conversations with God in my head. It is a wonderful time .... sometimes until 5AM!!! Sometimes when I'm in that mode, so engrossed in the play that I have ceased to exist for the world until it is finished and then I show it and say....Here I am!! And then I play catch up with sleep, chores and business all the while dreaming of the next window of time to get to go the spot (my studio) where I make "mud pies" (art!) again....til whatever hour!!..... I like the peaceful look on "THIRST'S FACE"....the words come from "The Beattitudes" in the Sermon on the mount....in MATTHEW 5...verse 6. We are anxious for Spring as I am sure everyone is.... Please pray for my friend GRACE, who lives in New Zealand with a heavy heart for her country and people after the horrible earthquake. What IS EASTER... REALLY? Is it about God's only Son paying the price to set us free...I mean really free even beyond death and suffering? Free for Eternity. Seems much more clear and special these days. Just contemplating....The Passion of Christ is graphic, but it is what He endured for all of us....not one people or person completed the fulfillment of God's Word...we all did and fulfilled God's plan. You can read all about it in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament. Or simply John 3:16,17. Have a blessed and grateful week!! Easter season or resurrection day is the biggest gift of all!! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Many people have been asking about these "Be attitudes" and I am going to list them on a post soon with the sizes and price each or by the set....just need a few more days to figure it out.....in the meantime here are the babies!! I have always loved the scripture in Deut that says...." My words fall like rain on tender plants...".....that to me is how gentle God is in teaching you when you are hungry and thirst for more of Him....read the whole verse....I just LOVE it!!! When I did NOT deserve it....He was GENTLE and MERCIFUL to me teaching me softly about His love ...." absorbing His love and words like dew on tender plants....oh, anyway, here are the babies....then I have another new one coming up....."Merciful" ... a little larger. I have ordered white washed 1 1/4th inch wide barn wood frames for the shop. I WILL get the prices together and sizes with photos soon! And with Pay Pal for those who want to pay that way. Thank you all for such interest!! I have another set in mind with the Proverbs.....and there is a few more in this set....the 6x10's (image is 4x8 approx.with out white border)will be around 12.00 each and the longer skinny 6x15 (image is 3x13 without white border) around 16.00 each. THEY are made with elements cut from art pieces I have painted.....now used as collage to embellish these little people. Blessings to you....ENJOY!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Have you ever reached a point where you took the risk to step over into a "Devine Moment" and knew if you did you could never turn back and it would change you forever? .... you know you need to step over but didn't know what was in store because only God knows and you still know you must step over? Well, it is a story too long to tell, but has to do with my precious little church buying land to expand our church for our children! An account of Jonathan's Devine Moment in scriptures ... I Samuel 2:6-18, tells the story of him entering into a Devine Moment, better than mine .... his military strategy was the opposite of what regular intelligent military strategies would be, but he knew he had to make the move and step out ... taking the risk .... God's hand before him with no other choice, waiting for him to "take that step" and TRUST ... it is a good study for us to TRUST what we know only God knows, because we DON'T know! It is not always that Devine Moment ... but when it is.... WE KNOW IT ...... and we have to make a choice. Here is another "Be attitude" art piece. I love doing these...you never know how they will turn out and I just love the surprise of each face! Enjoy and Big Blessings to you!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Here they are framed....just a trial set....for the shop This "Be Attitude" was hard because I couldn't quite get her face or expression right....maybe it is right. Anyway a funny thing happened with this one....I showed it to my grand daughter, age nine, and she read it.....then she said, "Mimi, this would be a good Valentine for a husband who has left his wife!" Well, I had to laugh because she didn't know it was scripture (Matthew 5:11), so her imagination made it what she thought. We are from a family of strong women who also point that finger when we need to to get our husband's attention or make a point! We DO still have our husbands too...ha...Anyway, here she is...... she reminds me of maybe some of the "Church ladies" that have been bad mouthed through the years, but were maybe right. Her glove makes me think of the days when they wore hats and gloves to church....anyway, enjoy!! I have a few more coming...that I like more! Again, if you want to read the Beatitudes...see the link to it in the post below. BLESSINGS!!! Keep warm!!!!