Dick and I have made some big changes for the year to come!! We are downsizing to free us up to do the things we have always wanted to do ..... that is.... free to travel, spend more time together, follow His lead for new adventures, no more retail store after 27 years, more time with kids, but still MORE ART and probably some sewing classes for girls ..... that is a dream right now ..... but the ART won't stop, it will be here on the blog as soon as we finish remodeling our NEW/OLD smaller home about 20 miles away. SO STAY TUNED ... we'll be having a big sale and beautiful house and property SALE in the SUMMER!! MORE FREEDOM ON IT'S WAY!!! WooHoo!!! And THANKS for all your support the last twenty seven years in my shop!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


A page that was cut out , then ruffled to add to the oval already with ruffles...I finished it all ....to stiffen....with a layer of mod-pauge or could use gel medium.... This above piece is my favorite....now what to do with them!? Below is my new sign that goes on the roof of my shop....YAY!!! My street sign will have more info on it....this one is to just identify which of three buildings on this 3 acres is the store! Yes, my house was all clean and orderly for the up coming Fourth of July crowd coming to my house. It was two days before the first company came and I had a BURNING DESIRE to be creative.....I mean I HAD to create something .....anything!! I didn't want to drag out a bunch of supplies, so I just used what was handy.....a thin marker, my watercolor pencils, mod-pauge, a cut piece of cardboard, a CBS catalog and old paper scripture pages, scissors.....and my hands! I was suddenly immersed ....in heaven! I just began to draw leaves and cut them from the catalog which had different tints of color on the pages and I added the same colors but darker.....then took the pile of leaves, glueing them down as I grabbed them randomly glueing them on the larger cardboard cut, gessoed heart ....then I formed a small paper rose for the small red heart with mod-pauge. ....still don't know what I am going to do with them....keep adding formed or "ruffled paper"...I think, until I know it is finished. But then I played with making some ruffled scripture strips and torn oval from a jelly jar wrapper from Spain....I just kept playing....I love the ruffles best and want to make more. I know this is not finished but I just wanted to share what I got to BE FREE TO DO BECAUSE my house was clean!!! THAT always motivates me!!! Enjoy what was done, and I hope it inspires you in a spontaneous area of creativity!! The sky is the limit!! Big Blessings....and Enjoy! .....oh!.....and there is one of my new signs for the roof of my building!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


These are in reverse order of the day, as it is getting dark here with the finale of fireworks!! My son, Scott, wife Carrie, and Peyton above and then Carrie's sister and husband, Janel and Dave, and boys, Preston and Andrew below....it was great to have you all!! Nana and Papa below....come back!!!.....the other Grandparents! Kids are never bored at this age!! Buckey the Longhorn will be retiring this year...we'll miss him at our house!! Thanks Bobby and Bonnie for the years of bringing him to park in the yard!! Are any young ones being trained for his position? The famous Round Top Brass Band! Cowboys and..... Cowgirls riding with true colors.... Transportation way back then...... ....and now.....Even this big truck, beautiful, got in the parade! Just like the bears and the banner say..."God Bless America" From tractors to hot rods... to politicians campaigning....that is a great freedom!! Go ABE. Hey!!....we are behaving and having fun....I promise! No need for CSI to investigate that here! YUMMMM..... All the grand kids piled on with Grand dad.... My hero....my sweetie! Children are our cherished heritage....everyone of them!! All of them!!! Each and everyone!!! Happy fourth....and happy retirement BUCKEY!! Here are some pictures of our 4th of July Parade passing in front of our house..... a yearly tradition in our town with family and cherished friends. Who DOESN'T seek "to be FREE?" Even, "we" who live in a free country "seek freedom" in many different ways. Above are evidences of what kinds of freedom we already have in this blessed Nation. I hope you will reflect and cherish the freedom we have had from the beginning that was also paid for by our veterans and others.....they especially understand what "freedom" is and to be cherished....some giving their lives for us to stay free. THEN there is another cherished freedom.....not only can you obtain it in the USA, but anywhere your heart is open to receiving it and it's eternal blessing! Many in foreign nations have it but don't have the "freedom" to live it or to share it or even talk about it without being persecuted!! Here is not only a cherished freedom like we still have in our Nation that so many seek, but the Freedom that goes beyond life itself! TRUE FREEDOM..... "...if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed." John 8:32,36 Blessings!