Dick and I have made some big changes for the year to come!! We are downsizing to free us up to do the things we have always wanted to do ..... that is.... free to travel, spend more time together, follow His lead for new adventures, no more retail store after 27 years, more time with kids, but still MORE ART and probably some sewing classes for girls ..... that is a dream right now ..... but the ART won't stop, it will be here on the blog as soon as we finish remodeling our NEW/OLD smaller home about 20 miles away. SO STAY TUNED ... we'll be having a big sale and beautiful house and property SALE in the SUMMER!! MORE FREEDOM ON IT'S WAY!!! WooHoo!!! And THANKS for all your support the last twenty seven years in my shop!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


A boy and his dog.... there is something so special about it. A special connection ... for a boy to have "his" dog. My son, Scott, had several favorite dogs growing up and today as a married man with a family ... has his beloved "Dodger", a big ole Chocolate Lab.... a sweet dog who hung his head over the playpen looking at their newborn when she was sooo tiny.... a gentle dog. Then there is this boy, Tito, that is our grandson by adoption .... HE ADOPTED US.... and we have been so blessed ever since he was born right next door .... he is not the only addition like that to our family of grand kids!! Anyway, he had wanted a dog for a long time, and it just wasn't time for them to have one .... until his uncle said he had one for him when Christmas rolled around. WELL!!...HE was so excited, reading all he could on how to take care of him, what he needed for toys, and maybe a sweater....oh my, the list was long!!! The first thing I took over to his house was a small carrier we had with a new pillow in it so he could bring home his "Chaweenie" (chihuahua and weenie dog mix) from the long trip to get him at his Aunt and Uncles before last Christmas. Just the site of the carrier had him giggling and chuckling in a constant blissful way! He named his little dog "LUKE"....and I must say there is a special connection between them!! Here are some photos of the first week with Luke.... is that a happy face on a boy or what!!!! Love these photos and wanted to share them!! Here is also a cartoon, really old one from out of an old book from my parents....a laughing dog from a cartoon newspaper or comic book cutout to save. I wanted to send it to Diane at My Art Journal who has a dog named "Bob", see his story through her blog. Then there is an endearing story of the dog adopted by DJ here...a beautiful dog named "Tulla". I don't have a dog, but I DO have the children to watch as they discover their new pets.... and the "JOY" of it!!! Blessings!!!


Say It In Color said...

Now all my grand children want their PET STORY on my blog....in time...in time! They love to read the stories of your pets, we sat all afternoon and read about Tulla and Bob and Luke!!! Got any other pet stories out there for the kids? Leave a comment!

Diane said...

HI Sherry--thanks so much for this great image,and yes he does remind me of Bob.
I'm not sure if you read about Bob and his medical problem with his leg (he always has some medical problem going on :)
Well anyway, it's more serious than they thought and he had to go to Cleveland for a laser-type treatment--long story, short--he's bouncing back again (much to the Dr.s surprise, but then the Dr. doesn't know Bob!) We're keeping our fingers crossed. Thanks Again!